Marnies Welt (2019)



Four crazy antiheroes on the run. Its leader is the innocently innocent, naive Marnie, a domestic cat who is not allowed to leave the house and only knows about real life from television. Based on Grimm's 'The Bremen Town Musicians', a modern, fun road movie is told.


People interested in movies probably already heard about Marnies Welt. It is a classic of cinematography in every respect. I'm highly recommending Marnies Welt to everyone. I truely love in Marnies Welt the sound track, it is one of the most positive movie soundtracks ever. The movie is great, it does not get boring, Marnies Welt does not get long and although it is not an original production, good acting and skilfully written script make it worth watching. I'am the biggest fan of this director and Marnies Welt for me is his best production. I walked into this movie totally blind. I knew nothing about it, even never saw a trailer... I decided to add this full movie to the internet.... Show more

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Watch Marnies Welt (2019) on You can stream online this movie for free with English Subtitles. Starring: Axel Prahl, Erik Borner, Alexandra Neldel and others. Directed by Christoph Lauenstein in West Germany. Marnies Welt is categorized in Action genre.

Release: 2019-03-14
Duration: 92 min
IMDb Rating: 5.6
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